Kidds Transport | Core Values
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Our Core Values

Kidds, Seeing the World Differently since 1952.

The founders Edwina and Ernest combined their talents to develop an enterprise outside of the world they knew, providing outstanding and professional service to their friends, family and wider community by moving precious and perishable supplies and goods across the country.  We continue to see the world differently to our competitors, we employ our own people who are loyal, dependable and committed to providing a great service.  We, the Kidds were and are always straight talkers due to our farming heritage and true to these roots we are always open and honest with our customers, treating them as an extension of our family and keen to do the right thing by them.  Any bumps in the road have served to shape who we are today when the Milk Marketing Board ended we showed we were adaptable and moved into Chemicals and we showed similar resilience in 2015 when we pulled together following a severe flood.   The values and beliefs of Kidds Transport remain as relevant now as they did then, and enable steady and successful growth.

The values are reflected in our attitude to life and business:

In it together, we are committed and loyal to each other and our customers to deliver a great service

Straight talking, we believe in “telling it how it is” and are open and transparent

Friendly, we are thoughtful, polite, happy and courteous

Adaptable and flexible, we will work together to find a way, what is important to you is important to us   

Realising opportunities, we think innovatively to find new possibilities and better practices

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