Kidds Transport | Hazardous Goods Transportation Company
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Hazardous Goods Transportation Company

As well as general haulage, Kidds Transport Limited also specialise in the movement of Hazardous Goods in both packaged containers and tanks. Drivers are suitably trained and qualified to ensure movement of hazardous materials comply with all current legislation and standards.

Experienced Hazardous Goods Transportation Company

Dangerous and hazardous substances, when not properly handled or transported, can pose a risk to public health and safety. It is vital that any company wishing to move such products conduct transportation through an established and licenced carrier. Our vehicles are regularly maintained to ensure integrity, and display appropriate warning logos to inform other road users of the hazardous materials being transported. We plan the safest routes for our vehicles to take and we cut no corners on safety and security.

From vacuum tankers to general product tankers – our highly trained and experienced personnel will ensure your goods arrive safely and on time.


  • All personnel are A.D.R licence holders
  • Security checks at collection and delivery points
  • Suitable vehicles clearly marked using approved signage
  • Collection and delivery routes pre-checked


FOR FURTHER DETAILS CALL +44 (0)1524 34334

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