Kidds Transport | How to Prepare Pallets for Transport
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How to Prepare Pallets for Transport

Load stability and protection are crucial elements to consider when you want to prepare pallets for transport. However, they are not the only ones. Getting it right is incredibly important, as it can prevent additional costs in anything gets damaged, for instance. In addition, when you correctly prepare your pallets for transit, you are also making sure they will be easier to unload.

So, what should you keep in mind when preparing your pallets for transport?

Don’t Overload

Pallets can withstand a large amount of weight; however, too much can cause them to bend, chip or break, whether during loading or transit. For this reason, it’s crucial that you choose the right pallets for your needs. If you’re dealing with a lot of weight, make sure that your pallet can handle it.

Stack in Columns

Always try to make sure you load your pallets in columns, meaning you need to stack them on top of each other, just like bricklaying. Columns provide stacking strength and balance, so your goods are unlikely to fall or destabilise the entire pallet. This is especially important when you’re transporting the pallet.

Pile of standard wooden pallets on a storage area

Only Stack Inside the Pallet Itself

If your goods are overhanging from the pallet, they can easily get damaged during transport and can also damage other merchandise around it. Shipments that fit on the pallet also have the added bonus of allowing you to organise your goods easily when you store them in a warehouse, as you can place them side by side and save space.

Flat is Best

If your boxes are all on the same level on the pallet, you’ll find it a lot easier and safer to move around. A level top ensures that your pallet is strong and compact, which allows you to organise a lot better. It also guarantees that the merchandise can be better secured as well, preventing issues from arising.

Always Wrap Everything

It goes without saying that your goods need to be properly wrapped when loaded onto the pallet. Stretch wrapping or straps can easily hold the products in place and ensure you don’t lose anything. Most damages that occur during transport are typical due to incorrect stacking or bundling, so make sure your boxes are secure before you send them on their way.

Properly preparing your pallets ensures your merchandise is safe during transport and is unlikely to get damaged or to damage other items. We can help you transport anything, including hazardous goods, so don’t hesitate to talk to us on 01524 34334 and our team will be more than happy to help!