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Our history

There was once a farmer’s son in the Lune Valley, Lancashire, who had a dream. A dream for more. More from life, more from what he was used to. He had a dream to travel the country, travel the world.


Going against the expectations of family, this newly married farmer’s son, using his charm, savvy and wit purchased his first truck. Ernest Kidd had established Kidds Transport and his dream to see the world started.

In those early years Ernest worked predominately with local farmers, delivering cattle to markets. One truck became two, became three, became four, became five. Space was getting tight; Burrow is still a small hamlet and there just wasn’t enough room.


In 1959, due to tragic circumstances for local hauliers, the Newton family, Ernest and Edwina bought out their 6 vehicles and property and Kidds of Melling began. By the end of the 1960’s Kidds were establishing themselves not only in agricultural and milk haulage butin general haulage too, whilst working for companies both locally and further afield.

In 1970, Ernest and Edwina’s nephew, Martyn, joined the company. Starting out as a driver he quickly turned his hand to the workshop and within 12 months he was permanently off the road and on the spanners!

Through the 70’s continued growth, Kidds quickly outgrew the Melling site, a new site was sought and found at the Lancaster Power Station coal yard. In 1978, with new offices and workshop built, operations moved to Lancaster.


At the turn of the decade, not only did the shoulder pads go big, but so did the buildings, with nephew Robert (Martyn’s brother) joining the company, a 17,000 sqft warehouse was added to the business.


Within a few years, Ernest and Edwina headed west, to explore the Americas, with a thirst for adventure and love of travel they spent their next three decades between the UK and the USA.


Martyn and Robert drove the business into and through the 90’s, Martyn’s youngest son, Simon joining the company after school. In this time, Kidds were not only a major haulier, but a major business serving industry throughout the North-West and the UK, with the dismantling of the Milk Marketing Board, Kidds ventured new ground into the chemical industry.


By 2006, Ernest and Edwina wanted to release their interest in the business, Martyn and Simon took this opportunity to build on an already successful family business and continue to strive to being the best, providing the best service with the best staff.


We as family recognise Ernest’s dream and continue to keep the dream alive!

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