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Not all cargoes and consignments are born equal. Some require extra care during loading, transport, and unloading. We are, of course, talking about the carriage of Dangerous Goods by road - materials that require additional precautions to protect loaders and unloaders, handlers, drivers and the public, such as corrosive acids, flammable liquids, and toxic substances. When you've got Dangerous Goods to transport, you need a haulier that really gets it, with ADR trained drivers and a competent DGSA. That's us.

We've been safely transporting Dangerous Goods by road for decades. Working with businesses in the oil industry, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, waste management, and others, we're used to dealing with a wide range of hazardous materials in all 9 classes of Dangerous Goods.

Benefits of using Kidds Transport for your Dangerous Goods transport needs

You can't put a price on the peace-of-mind that stems from working with a haulage contractor that has a thorough understanding of Dangerous Goods transport.

Our ADR trained drivers know what they're doing when it comes to safe loading, carriage, and unloading of hazardous materials. Their experience means they're able to spot mistakes, flag anything that's not right, and help make sure everything is done properly so you comply with your duties as consignor. This includes checking paperwork, ensuring that packages bear the correct marks and labels, and that vehicle placards are displayed where required. They're also trained in the actions to take in an emergency in order to help limit the consequences of an incident involving Dangerous Goods.

Not only that, but all our vehicles are are up to the job too, carrying all the required safety gear. Our tankers are design-type tested and inspected annually, meaning they're less likely to spill materials if involved in a collision.

With all the right precautions in place, trained and experienced driver operatives, and the correct vehicles for the job, it's unlikely there will ever be any loss of Dangerous Goods in transit, and everyone will be safe.

Key features of our Dangerous Goods transport services

In addition to our large fleet, GPS tracked vehicles, and direct access to our transport team that come as standard across all our services, you also get:

  • Experienced ADR trained drivers
  • ADR compliant vehicles

Best for: full loads over longer distances

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"Our regular haulier was unable to help us with an urgent requirement to collect and transport a solvent in clean barrels. We contacted Kidds Transport and they were great. They worked with us closely to understand our needs and the needs of our client, including the tight timescales, and supplied us with the haulage service we needed, on time and at a competitive rate."


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