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For smaller consignments, and when you need a faster service to meet a tight deadline, our express pallet freight service could be just what you need to keep your goods moving

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The last few years has seen a boom in Direct To Consumer retail sales as online shopping has grown, and home deliveries have become the norm as high street businesses switch over to a model with minimal in-store stock. People yearn for convenience and speed. That means you need to get those small consignments to their destination seamlessly and fast. For that, there's Palletways and we're in the network.

Palletways is Europe's largest and fastest growing network of express distribution for small consignments of palletised goods and relies on its 270+ strong membership of carefully selected service providers all over Europe, of which we're one.

Express pallet freight by Kidds Transport is perfect for small consignments of goods on pallets

Benefits of using Kidds Transport for your small consignments with Palletways

In today's 'always on' world of ecommerce and home delivery, there's no time to waste when it comes to shipping goods to your customers. Express pallet freight is the solution for small consignments of goods on pallets (orders too big for couriers, like paving stones or bathroom sets) that need same-day delivery or next-day delivery.

Our fast pallet freight service is both speedy and reliable. Just use the Palletways portal to organise your collections and our drivers will arrive when you need them.

As a Palletways member, we're part of an interconnected network of regional and national delivery hubs. This means you can reach a wider customer base with express shipping, expanding your market potential.

Designed specifically to safely transport palletised goods, this shared infrastructure is built for it and all personnel are trained for it, reducing the risk of damage to large or unusually shaped items during shipping, meaning happier customers for you and fewer returns.

And, because of the way network partners work together, the logistics efficiencies it creates mean we're able to pass on savings to you.

Key features of our express pallet services

In addition to our large fleet, GPS tracked vehicles, and direct access to our transport team that come as standard across all our services, our express pallet freight service features:

  • Online booking portal
  • Dedicated vehicle fleet
  • Access to the Palletways network

Best for: small consignments on pallets that need shipping anywhere in the UK for delivery the same day or next day, collected from Lancaster, Heysham, Morecambe and nearby areas

Get started with our Palletways service

It couldn't be easier, simply use the Palletways Portal to manage all your requirements for the collection and shipping of small consignments on pallets.

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The collection and shipping of small consignments is just a click away

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