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You've got goods to move from A to B, and you want them there on-time and in one piece. You need a reliable haulage contractor with drivers you can trust to look after your precious cargoes, but you don't want to have to play call centre roulette every time you need a load booking-in, or when plans suddenly change. That's us.

And with a proud history stretching back more than 65 years, we're a family business that understands the world of haulage and logistics, and the important role it plays in keeping your business moving.

Benefits of using Kidds Transport for your general haulage needs

When you choose Kidds Transport to help meet your general haulage needs, you get access to our extensive collection of trailers and tankers - a fleet big enough to cope with fluctuations in demand, versatile enough to mean we can carry everything from dry goods to bulk liquids, and that makes us a very flexible haulage partner.

We're totally transparent too, thanks to our GPS tracking. You can find out exactly where your vehicle is, which means you'll never get any "it's just around the corner" fibs or excuses.

You'll find that many of our drivers have been with us for years, some for decades. It's because we treat them right, which means that, when we ask them to, they're willing to go above-and-beyond for customers like you. And, because they're so experienced, they're great at problem-solving and can be trusted to do a brilliant job for you.

If you've ever tried using one of the gigantic logistics firms in the UK, you'll know how awful it is having to go through a call centre every time you need something, always speaking to someone different who doesn't understand your business. When you work with us, you can pick up the phone and get straight through to our transport team with no fuss.

Key features of our general haulage services

  • Large fleet of trailers and tankers
  • GPS tracking on all of our vehicles
  • Experienced, long-serving drivers
  • Direct access to our transport team

Best for: full loads over longer distances

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Safe, affordable, and reliable general haulage is just a click away

Tell us where we can contact you and we'll be in touch to find out more about your requirements. In order to provide you with an accurate and competitive quote, we'll need to know what we'll be transporting, in what quantities, where from and to, when, and how often.

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"We have been working with Kidds Transport for over 20 years and found them to be very reliable, professional, helpful and resourceful. In times of high demand, Kidds have always supported us and our business to deliver a first class service. They really are a great company to work with, and a team that's highly responsive to our needs"

Sean, Heysham Ships Agency