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When it comes to your haulage and warehousing needs, we know that there are two things uppermost in your mind: you want fair, affordable pricing and you want to avoid being locked-in to a contract that makes Alcatraz look easy to escape from. So that's what we offer.

We'll never be the cheapest, but, then again, you get what you pay for, so who wants cheap anyway? What's more important, the lowest possible cost or the peace-of-mind that stems from knowing your consignments will get to their destination on-time and without loss or damage, or that your goods will be securely stored and kept dry?

How our pricing works

Our haulage rates are quoted using an hourly rate that covers all the employment costs of your driver, the costs of providing, maintaining and fuelling the vehicle used, and the distance travelled, resulting in a price per load.

Your price per load will include one hour waiting at either end. If this time is exceeded, additional demurrage charges will be applied for every extra hour spent waiting, loading or unloading (where the delays incurred cannot be attributed to our vehicles or drivers).

Warehousing rates are calculated based on the amount of storage space your goods will take up, and the duration of the storage.

The more information you can provide us with at the time of your enquiry, the more we'll be able to hone our rates to make sure they're as accurate and competitive as possible.

Flexibility with rewards

When it comes to our haulage services, we're happy to accept work on a one-off basis, as part of a project involving a fixed number of consignments, over a fixed duration, or an an ongoing basis.

We don't try to lock anyone into a long-term agreement, preferring to remain flexible and supportive to the evolving needs of our customers. However, if you do decide you'd like a longer-term partnership, we'll reward that commitment with even keener pricing.

The same applies to our warehousing and storage services. The more and longer you store with us, the bigger the discounts we'll offer you as a 'thank you' for committing to us.

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