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You've got waste that needs transporting off site for treatment, recycling, or disposal, but it's highly regulated and you can't afford to employ cowboys that play fast-and-loose with the rules, you need a waste haulage contractor you can rely on to help you meet your Duty of Care obligations. Enter Kidds Transport.

Whether it's non-hazardous or hazardous, in drums and IBCs or bulk liquids and sludges moved in tankers, we've been involved in the collection and transfer of waste for decades, working directly with waste producers and waste management companies who all trust us to do it right.

Benefits of using Kidds Transport for your waste haulage needs

All businesses have it on one form or another: waste. Because it mostly has little or no value, its collection, transfer, and disposal are all highly regulated to make sure everyone in the chain-of-custody takes care of it rather than simply dumping it in the environment. That includes the companies that carry it on their vehicles, which must be registered with the relevant UK environmental regulators, which we are.

Our trained drivers have been involved with waste haulage for such a long time now, they know exactly what's needed when it comes to ensuring Duty of Care compliance. Their experience means they're quick to spot when something's not quite right, whether that's missing, incomplete or inaccurate waste transfer notes or hazardous waste consignment notes, or missing labels on drums and IBCs. The drivers that operate our fleet of vacuum tankers are also fully conversant with the hose fittings typically used when connecting-up to storage tanks, knowing their Camlocks from their Bauer Couplings and how to connect them securely so there's no risk of leaks and spillages.

Having both curtainsided trailers in our fleet and vaccum tanker barrels, we can support you whether you've got packaged and containerised wastes on pallets you need removing, or bulk liquids and sludges, offering flexibility and versatility. Our tankers are all stainless steel, allowing us to safely transport everything from aqueous liquids to oils, solvents, and many corrosive wastes. We even have insulated barrels fitted with steam heating coils that mean we can carry elevated-temperature materials that need to stay hot during transit to avoid setting and hardening.

Key features of our waste haulage services

In addition to our large fleet, GPS tracked vehicles, and direct access to our transport team that come as standard across all our services, you also get:

  • Registered Carriers, Brokers and Dealers
  • Experienced and trained drivers
  • Curtainsiders and vacuum tankers available

Best for: full and part loads over longer distances; packaged waste transport, liquid waste transport

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Other customers of our Waste Haulage services tell us they love working with us, maybe you will?


"We had a requirement to transport palletised waste for incineration. Kidds Transport were recommended to us, and we gave them a try. When the original disposal location informed us we'd have to split the load into three consignments, we were forced to route it elsewhere. Kidds Transport were very flexible, quick to respond with revised pricing, and able to meet our timescales. I'd have no hesitation in recommending them."



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